The most important difference is the fine quality finish which a carpenter can never give, incase of modular kitchens since all the products are factory made on high quality machines the finish of the shutters and carcasses used is impeccable.




The carpenter will use baskets and accessories made locally which again does not have any warranty against rust of replacement in case of any damage, modular kitchen suppliers on the other hand use branded baskets and accessories which have lifetime or limited period warranty.


The carpenter will use you space (the site) for 10-15 days, modular kitchens can be installed on the site in flat 2 days.


Choice of colors and finish is limited as the carpenters can procure only form local shops. Modular kitchen manufactures have options of using wide variety of material available internationally.





We are directly sourcing our products form evershine factory in Surat, Some modular kitchen showrooms use products from different local manufacturers hence they cannot assure consistencies in the quality of the products.




EVERSHINE was recently awarded the Best Kitchen Supplier of the Year-2011 by Brace corp publishers Pvt. Ltd. We directly source from them hence we can offer competitive pricing and consistent quality compared to other kitchen showrooms.


We use lifetime warranted basket and accessories from evershine and space-saving solutions to use most of the space available.


Evershine is a leading manufacturer supplying its products all over india so you get the same quality and finish whether you are in Delhi, Calcutta, Ghuwati, Banglore Chennai or Mumbai.